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  • System is covered by a 25-year warranty.

    Jointless system Q STALYO PRO

  • The system is covered by a 25-year warranty.

    Jointless system Q STALYO MIX-PRO


Qnnect is a solution that ensures a durable and tight connection for the gutters, eliminating the problem of the system subsidence.

Elimination of fasteners translates into a reduced number of components, lowering the cost of the system and simplifying and expediting the installation.

Thanks to the use of dedicated glue, the gutter connection points are invisible, which makes the finish very aesthetic.

About us

The Q STAYLO company

Our passion for creating new solutions, our desire to meet customers’ needs, and our love of aesthetics – these are the reasons why we designed the modern Q STALYO gutter systems. 

Our products are developed by experts with many years of experience in designing and manufacturing the best systems on the market. 

We create gutters that will serve for many years thanks to their highest quality and timeless style. 

  • up to 25
    years of warranty
  • 140 m²
    high capacity
  • min. 18
  • 100%
    European products

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